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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • When will UPLOCK be available for first customer shipment?
    The production processes and the organization of supply and logistics are finalized. We expect to be commercially available in Q3 2023. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates, we’re working hard to get this exciting product out of the factory!
  • When will I be able to purchase UPLOCK?
    We are excited to bring UPLOCK to our customers in Q3 2023. UPLOCK will be available by October 2023 through selected sales channels. Please sign up for our newsletter containing all relevant updates. Stay tuned and learn about the introductory offers.
  • Can I continue to use my pre-owned saddle?
    Sure! Your existing saddle can be reused and easily mounted on the UPLOCK seat post topper. It uses the standard 7 millimeter rails system. It is compatible with round and oval rails.
  • Is it easy to change my old seat post with the new UPLOCK system?
    Yes, you simply replace the existing seat post with UPLOCK. It requires no special technical or mechanical knowledge. It is important that you respect the fastening torque of the clamp when you fix the UPLOCK seat post in your bicycle frame. If you feel uncomfortable about changing the seat post, please consult your local dealer.
  • What security level does the lock have?
    Upon availability of this innovative lock, it will comply with the highest industry standards. It will be intensively tested and certified by industry associations, such as VdS, SoldSecure, ART. In addition, we use a high-security cylinder, which effectively prevents picking (no disc cylinder!).
  • Is the seat post robust and durable?
    We've invested a lot of time and effort in the development of the tilting mechanism of the seatpost. To confirm this, we have conducted lab tests according to ISO 4210 and many hours of ride tests. We thus meet all the requirements for longevity and durability. Upon delivery, this will be confirmed by independent test certificates.
  • Where will I be able to buy UPLOCK?
    Once we ship the product, it will be made available internationally through a selected group of bicycle manufacturers, bicycle component online shops and regional dealers. We’re in the process to identify those partnerships and will disclose more details soon. Soon, you'll have the opportunity to place a pre-order on our online system.
  • In which countries will UPLOCK be available?
    We will start shipping the product internationally from the beginning. Through our online partnerships, we will ensure that UPLOCK will be available in all regions. We are aiming to establish a dealer network for Europe and North America soon. More countries will follow once we are able to grow the network.
  • How do I get updated information about UPLOCK’s availability?
    Please subscribe to our newsletter or check back in to our website and/or social media channels.
  • How much will UPLOCK cost?
    We appreciate your deep interest in UPLOCK! We'll finalize a fair market value soon. We monitor closely the market and the overall environment for bicycle components. UPLOCK offers significant technical innovations and enhanced usability. UPLOCK is an all new integration of two bicycle parts: the seat post and the lock. We expect there will be a great valuation of this new product and we promise to offer an appropriate hence competitive pricing.
  • Will there be any future developments or additional features?
    Of course! You can imagine that the concept of an opening/tilting seat post offers various possibilities to store all different kinds of bicycle accessories. The creative team is heavily working on future partnerships and ideas to further use the space inside our seat post. In addition, our patented connector makes it possible to attach many accessories, such as a rear light, a saddle bag or even a larger bikepacking bag. Stay tuned for future updates!
  • How do I know if UPLOCK is compatible with my bicycle?
    No worries! The only thing you need to know is the outer diameter of your current seat post. We offer the most common diameter, such as 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm. With the availability of these seat post diameters, we are compatible with most bicycles out there. If you require a different diameter, please send us an email and we promise to come back to you with more information.
  • Are you planning different versions or features of the UPLOCK system?
    Yes, there will be the various versions in order to accommodate most of the user scenarios, such as urban cycling, touring and gravel cycles, and performance bicycles. For example we will offer a touring and trekking version in black anodized aluminium, all made of 7075 high-grade aluminium alloy. We're currently also investigating a high-end version made of titanium.
  • How is UPLOCK manufactured?
    To ensure an adequate quality level, UPLOCK will be produced in cooperation with a carefully selected group of manufacturers. We work with reliable and experienced manufacturers. For us, this has been a conscious decision, because we not only wanted to minimize delivery routes, but also to reduce possible risks.
  • How much does UPLOCK weigh?
    UPLOCK seat post and lock weighs together 1.4 kg. 450 g the seat post and about 950 g the lock.
  • Does UPLOCK have a weight restriction?
    We have tested the UPLOCK seat post with 140 kg (total system weight). The maximum rider weight should not exceed 120 kg (weight restriction).
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